Sunday, June 6, 2010

Putting the ship back in shape

I spent the morning refilling the Lomby Zombie site with content and trying to find all the old photographs that Frank and I had made for the game.

A lot of content for the game was put onto BoardGameGeek by players of the game and should help new players get a feel for what it is about. However, I'm trying to work on some demonstrations to show the game mechanics and get old and new players more information on how to play the game.

I rules aren't simple as games like Othelo or Checkers or overly complex like Dungeons & Dragons can get, but they aren't the easiest to cold jump into. So, I figure something like a video series on how the game plays may gather some interest on those who want to play new games, but can't quite get over that wall of not knowing if they will like the mechanics or not.

Next on the list is to work on the Kickstarter proposal. I wanted to have a good framework in place before starting that and it seems to be progressing well. I want this project to exude the confidence I have in it to help push any wallsitters over the edge and drive this dream to physical reality.