Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting my name out there

I have had some popular sites when I was writing metric tons of tutorials. All of them pointed to one site and that is how a lot of people found my work. Unfortunately, one frigid morning in May, I let my domain name expire. (Goodbye, saigumi.net, I wish that domain hoarder would relinquish you.)

A lot of the newer web technologies have been passing me by as I couldn't quite grasp the concept of how they could be useful to me. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all of their derivatives meant little or nothing to me. I don't get caught up farming virtual sheep for hours on end (Except maybe in Harvest Moon) and I am a genetically inclined introvert, so having a broad ground of friends and acquaintances never had a strong appeal.

Well, in the last two weeks, I have been turning that around. I have been adding babble to Facebook, twitting on twitter, adding my photo to my online profiles, and generally adding to the noise. Heck, I may just actually accept an invite from someone I don't even know.

So, tell me about why you haven't yet funded Lomby Zombie: Corporate Stiff?