Monday, September 12, 2011 is back!

The second domain name that I ever bought, years upon years ago, called expired. I had used it to host tutorials for whatever programming language or tool I was using at the time, post information that people now use things like Google+ or Twitter for, and just generally made it a place of my own.

Then, one day, I just decided that there really was no reason for me to try to be anonymous on the Internet, so I registered (as one of my distant relatives got the .com) and have been using it for more personal things.

The domain was snatched up by a squatter due to it having a Google pagerank of 4. I patiently waited for years. In the meantime, I bought the .com of the same name, but never really got it back to what it all was about. Last month, the squatter finally abandoned the site and I was able to reregister it. 

In the next coming months, I hope to correct all the links to the content that was there that I still get messages about as well as add new content, mostly focusing on software build and process automation, XNA, XBLIG, game development, and other tech and software interests.