Friday, July 2, 2010

Vendor Negotiations - These people should not be tolerated

Every business I have owned, I tried really hard not to be "that guy". The one that renegs on a done deal knowing that they have the upperhand because the work has been done, but money hasn't changed hands. My modus operandi was always to treat my employees and people I hired to do well. In several business attempts, they were paid more than I was. A few times, I was in the hole.

When Frank and I made "Lomby Zombie", we hired an artist and tried to pay him as much as we could. When milestones were met, check were sent in full immediately. No squabbling. No futzing around. Work has value. The work required to make the product, even if the product isn't used, has value.

People like those in the video below irk the heck out of me.